Administration management for seamless operations.
Technical competence to understand the nuances.
Marketing services for sustainable growth.

Key Services at a Glance

  • Bylaws setup, non-profit status, and Articles of Incorporation
  • Membership management
  • Accounting, budgets, and dues collection
  • Infrastructure (maintaining / staffing offices)
  • Yearly planning and review
  • Executive Director services, and Executive Board management
  • Nurturing technical progress
  • Technical standards and deliverables maintenance
  • Marketing plans and tactical execution
  • Advertising, websites, and events


Leverage our economies of scale.

Bylaws - We've seen many different variations, observing what works and what doesn't. So we can help guide you through the process... or write them for you.
Articles of Incorporation - Our legal associates have created a number of corporate entities for us (and many more without us). We can provide one-stop service to get your organization running.
Non-profit status - This should be easy. But it's not always, as we've learned the hard way. We know the pitfalls to avoid... and how to overcome the inevitable roadblocks.

It starts with a prospect - a company interested in joining your organization. The call, email, or personal contact comes to us at your office (the office we create, staff, and maintain for you). We sell them on the benefits of membership, handle the application process, collect the initial dues, and add them to the database of members.

Accounting in your organization is more than collecting the dues. There are also office bills to pay, travel to reimburse, trade shows, and advertising to cover. We'll develop your budget, handle accounts receivable and accounts payable, and report performance monthly.

Offices, phones, fax, mail, email, databases, web presence, and the staff to administer these functions. It's not very glamorous, but this is the foundation upon which an organization is built. If done correctly, it's all transparent to the members and Board of Directors.


Smart and knowledgeable. There's a difference.

Sometimes all an organization needs is a plan to follow. Panoramix Services offers complete consulting services for this very reason. They say there is no substitute for experience and we've done many Business Plans throughout the years. By focusing on high-tech industries, we are able to quickly adapt our suggestions to offer constructive insights tailored to your field.

The Executive Director is the public focal point for your organization. The key to starting and maintaining an organization is the evangelizing of its message. That person needs to be a natural born leader to talk-the-talk, and technically savvy to walk-the-walk. Panoramix Services can fill that need, if required.

If there is a Board of Directors involved, we specialize in managing the logistics, so they don't have to. From arranging teleconferences and meetings, to board member packets, to keeping all involved parties abreast of the latest status: we'll handle it all.

Everyone at Panoramix Services comes from a technical background. Even our marketing people have STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) experience. With the expertise to provide the technical vision and execution, we are normally freeing others in your organization to focus on your technical heart. So even while we may not be providing these services to you, we understand them.


From top-of-mind to bottom-of-funnel.

1. Determine the message
2. Research target audience
3. Decide effective approach
4. Evaluate different designs
5. Deploy collateral
6. Track progress

Your website is the cornerstone of any successful Marketing Plan. It needs to be fast, SEO optimized, easy to navigate, and mobile-ready. Some additional features we've cooked into websites lately:
- Contacts database
- E-newsletter integration
- Events management
- Member's portal
- Social media

Advertising can be a key component of a Marketing Plan to maintain 'Top of Mind' recognition. If done correctly, the result should be increased membership in the organization by driving adoption of the technology. No matter the medium, clearly defining the goals of the advertisement is critical.

Putting on a successful event is the hallmark of Panoramix Services. Through years of experience in formulating, planning, organizing, and executing events, we have gotten it down to a science. Removing logistical details, a successful event comes down to three components: a captive audience, engaging content, and a great location.


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