Management services for trade associations.
Specializing in ICT sectors.

It may be invisible to many, but the organizational infrastructure is the visible face to prospective members.
Even if you don't already have a Business Plan, it's good to start with that great idea.
Panoramix focuses on Information and Communication Technology sectors where STEM knowledge is foundational.
Growing a trade association requires awareness, driven by effective marketing.

Who We Are

We have been providing executive, marketing, and administrative services to trade associations and non-profit organizations for over 20 years. It started with the creation of the PROFIBUS Trade Organization in 1994 and blossomed into managing trade associations across the industrial, information technology, and communication technology sectors. The scope has been extended further to provide marketing assistance to companies large and small.

At the heart of Panoramix Services resides a passion for efficiency and growth, fueled by years of experience in the automation industry. Within Panoramix Services we continue to look at things from a different perspective for our clients day in and day out. Our talented team is comprised of marketers, industry spokespersons, administrators, IT professionals, engineers, executive directors, compliance specialists, and management experts.

What We Do

As an organization or non-profit, you most likely found us because administrative services are just one more item in a long list of tasks beyond even more important responsibilities. Whether you've come to us as a President, COO, Marketing Manager, or as someone hoping to achieve that status, you've already got too many paths from which to choose. Billing, budgets, membership, business plans, accounting, bylaws, specifications, infrastructure …how do savvy trade associations keep up with all of the supervision and growth channels and still have time to accomplish their goals? That's our responsibility. Panoramix Services knows how organizations work, and even better, we know how to make them succeed.

Key Services:

- Bylaws setup, non-profit status, and Articles of Incorporation
- Accounting, budgets, and dues collection
- Infrastructure (maintaining / staffing offices)
- Yearly planning and review
- Executive Director services, and Executive Board management
- Nurturing technical progress
- Technical Standards and deliverables maintenance
- Marketing plan and execution



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